Accelerate your data layer

Cache any API at the edge to make it lightning fast globally.
Protect your backend from traffic spikes.

Improve Performance

Delight your end users with blazing fast API response times.

Reduce Load

Reduce load to your origin by caching at the edge.

Cache Anything

Make your databases, REST APIs and GraphQL APIs globally fast.

Unleash the Power of Edge Caching

Add edge caching to any API or database in minutes.


The most configurable GraphQL edge cache

Global rules

Configure globally to cache everything at the edge.

Type rules

Configure cache rules when declaring individual types.

Field rules

Configure cache rules for each field, including data from other sources with resolvers.


Configure how long query results should be cached, in seconds.


Configure how long query results should be delivered while new data is being refreshed.

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Seamless integration with your identity provider


Zero config local development

Edge Gateway

Unified data layer at the edge


Collaborate on backend changes with your team without the hassle


Realtime performance insights