AppSync alternative

Grafbase enables developers to ship data APIs faster with modern tooling.

Batteries included

Grafbase comes with everything you need to build powerful GraphQL APIs.

Edge Gateway

Connect databases and APIs to a single GraphQL endpoint at the edge.


Configure auth in minutes with your favorite identity providers.

Edge Caching

Cache any data source and make it lightning fast globally.


Collaborate on changes with instant preview branches.


Fuzzy and typo-tolerant serverless search built-in.


Monitor performance and identify bottlenecks in realtime.

Build and ship APIs faster with Grafbase

Stop spending time learning a new template language and focus on shipping products.


No Vendor Lock-In

Build and deploy GraphQL APIs without learning a new config language

Zero Config Local Development

Run the entire Grafbase platform locally using a single command

Instant Preview Branches

Every branch and commit gets its own GraphQL API

TypeScript Configuration

No error-prone Yaml files to work with

Simple Schema Transformations

Transform connected schemas with fully type-safety without the fuss

Edge Resolvers

Extend connected APIs with your own code deployed to the edge

Edge Caching

Cache everything or just what you want, at no extra cost

Search Built-In

Index data from anywhere using the built-in serverless search index


Get Started

Start building your backend of the future now.